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Coworking: a sustainable solution

7 October 2021
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SUSTAINABLE COWORKING - When we talk about sustainability we immediately think of "green" solutions. In fact, behind this word lies a much broader meaning that refers not only to greater attention to the environment but also to man. This includes coworking that aims to be sustainable by proposing solutions more attentive to the health of the worker and the planet.

Coworking as a sustainable solution

Coworking is the sharing of work spaces between people who do not do the same work and they do it also for companies that are often very different from each other. With the coworking however cohabit a same working space being able to all take advantage of common services. This activity allows many advantages including working in smart working, staying close to your home, but not having to turn the house into a studio. The employee thus has the opportunity to stay close to his family while being integrated into a real working environment. Home and work remain so distinct.

Coworking, however, also implements other sustainable solutions. It allows a reduction of waste, a decrease in consumption, recycling, reuse of materials and very high. Bringing together different realities also allows us to create innovative ideas that aim at sustainability in other areas.

Having spaces shared by workers attentive to sustainable solutions also leads to the choice of environments and furnishings green and beneficial to human health and planet.

A platform that makes coworking even more sustainable

If coworking is already sustainable, the idea of Sercam Advisory  and Advepa Communication will help make it even more eco-sustainable. The pandemic has shown us how Smart Working has helped to reduce road congestion and consequently air pollution. The Life Prepair report shows that in the first quarter of 2020 in the Po area where 40% of the population, which generates 50% of the national GDP, recorded a "sudden reduction of some of the main sources of air pollution."

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about definitely switching to smart working because, if on the one hand it is more eco-sustainable, on the other it loses on other requirements related to the sustainability of the working environment. That’s why the virtual coworking platform comes into play. It is a project that aims to reproduce offices and people with 3D reality. The best explanation is the president of Sercam Advisory Marco Ginanneschi:

"The users of the virtual studio are represented by avatars (in human form) who interact with each other (through chats and video-chats) perform the normal activities of office and meeting/ meeting with the clients of a studio.

The associate or secretary of the studio is assigned not only an avatar that represents him in the studio but also a back-end software, directly connected with the 3D virtual environment, through which normal office operations can be carried out.

The virtual studio is made up of Multiplayer technology that allows the presence of avatars (of the studio and the client) in the same virtual environment and interactions between them."

From emergencies to needs

It is no longer possible to return to a world that is completely equal to the pre-dawn world, especially in the work environment. Solutions have been discovered that from an emergency response have become a necessity. The important thing now is to resolve certain unsustainable issues in the long term and give guarantees to workers.

To learn more about the future of smart working, click here.

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