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Join the Americas, from Canada to Chile

4 April 2022
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AMERICAS CANADA CHILE - In relation to the recent tragic events we really have to ask ourselves what to do in the coming years. Why not look at the Americas from Canada to Chile? A huge territory, a huge market with an infinite potential for economic development and with a community of Italian origin vast with traditions, culture, history and mentality equal to ours.

Why join the Americas market, from Canada to Chile

We should start with a strong and forward-looking foreign policy to make even more trade agreements and sign free trade treaties with most of the American nations.

First of all, with the USA, and that is to create a de facto single market without customs duties. Maintaining, at first, control over food and pharmaceuticals.

Then with Chile in Latam exactly the same thing. A free trade treaty so that we will automatically find ourselves in the single market of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico). Then with Argentina and Mercosur (Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil). With these countries create, at a later stage, a Task Force for investment and development for all countries, including Central America.

Thus become a single market with the Americas and thus move freely between the two continents. Exchange of technology, exchange of professionals in business management, Joint Ventures, trade agreements, mergers, movement of people, skilled workers, professionals and enterprises and capital. Universities that join forces and make agreements on joint research and development. Possibility of free movement of students from one faculty to another with automatic validity of titles.

Support from Spain, Portugal and Greece?

In this economic development project, Spain could be our European partner (I think it is useless to explain why) but Portugal and Greece could also join.

Bring back as much as possible all the industrial production that we have left to China and bring it back to this new market with incentives and tax reliefs.

Moreover this economic alliance so constituted could have like head row Italy and Spain for the development and the investments in Africa. With the Mediterranean as the main entrance.

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