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In private companies and in the public sector, investments are meant to buy or produce on its own (“in economy”, by using company terminology) tangible capital goods such as equipment, machinery, warehouses, intangible goods such as research or advertising campaigns, resources to be used in the production process, as raw materials, and finally, stocks of finished products. Afterwards there are investments which are not included in the balance sheet of a private company, but when it is due, it can be included in the social report, such as investments in staff training or in less polluting production systems. In this case, we speak about investment in a broad sense, given that corresponding costs are part of the current expenditure.

Corporate finance considers investments from the point of view of its required capital, the cost of the various capital sources, the choices between the different debt amortisation plans in order to invest and between distinct investments that generate different cash flows.
28 August 2023
Lessons in Modern Marketing Management

True innovation can't be confined to rigid frameworks or reduced to numerical formulas. It thrives in narratives that stand on a grand vision and true human ambition, defying conventional and myopic wisdom sought by risk-averse and self-glorifying authorities.

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17 August 2022
Oliver Camponovo: Why integrate the ESG factor into your business model

Even investments look at the green

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17 August 2022
Impact investments

A new social bond fund for impact bonds

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25 March 2022
FIRST LEGO League, the final lands in Huoston

The Smilebots try to go to the final

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22 March 2022
But is it possible that still the design of the true Made in Italy has not entered the Metaverse?

An idea is nothing without beauty

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30 November 2021
Nike prepares to enter the Metaverse

Fashion and sportwear ready to enter the Metaverso

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23 November 2021
Logistic Digital Community inaugurated

Federlogistica-Conftrasporto give life to Logistic Digital Community

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16 November 2021
Expo Dubai kicks off, between mobility and sustainability

"Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" the main theme of Expo Dubai

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21 October 2021
Know your client: Hamid-Reza Khoyi introduces the topic

We know KYC with Hamid Reza Khoiy

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