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But is it possible that don’t you understand the importance of having young people in the company?

YOUNG COMPANIES - But can you not understand the importance of having young people in the company? The comparison of ideas is what drives improvement. The presence of different professional figures allows for a continuous exchange of views. But it is also important to have heterogeneity in terms of age so that you can count on fresh and innovative ideas made concrete by years of direct experience in the field. Unfortunately, however, this is a concept that is not always understood and the data show it.

The youth employment crisis

In order for a company to grow and improve itself constantly, there must be a continuous exchange of opinions and ideas. The constructive comparison allows you to put before the eyes of all the possibilities in play and critically evaluate which work, which not and which can be implemented. However, if in the working group there are only and exclusively people very similar to each other, for example, in terms of skills, age and gender, it is not easy to identify different points of view.

The figures for the employment crisis show that women and young people are the most difficult to find employment. The problem, however, is not the economic crisis following the pandemic from Covid-19, as the data were alarming as early as 2019. In fact, the unemployment rate for the 15-24 age group has reached 29.4%. The number is even more frightening when one realizes that it is exactly three times higher than the 9.8% unemployment rate recorded nationally for the entire population aged 15 to 64. With these data Italy is not the last in the classic of the European Union just because Spain and Greece do worse.

Young people not employed in the company because they are deemed not competent

To date, policies have been introduced that encourage the recruitment of young people within companies but do not work. Their failure lies not in the incentives that they promise, but in the different perspectives that they find to have young people and the labour market.

In the opinion of the public, young people either do not have the necessary skills to find a job worthy of the name quickly, or they demand a salary that is not in keeping with their experience. But perhaps these are too simplistic considerations. In fact, according to OCSE data in the labour market as many as 40% of workers have skills that are not attributable to employment. This percentage is then divided equally between those who are over-qualified and those who are under-qualified. This implies that the scourge of unrecognized skills equally affects young and experienced people. So that’s not where the problem lies. Perhaps and, I repeat perhaps, in the working world there is not the ability very often to look ahead and so you do not even have the desire to invest in a long-term project, able to give excellent results, but with time.

Young people are an added value of the company

All the above considerations are sacrosanct, but having diversification within your work environment is vital for growth. A company that manages to get young people to work together and has more than just to earn. Because it has the possibility of having on one hand enthusiasm, desire to do and new and fresh ideas and on the other has a more mature component that, thanks to his experiences he knows how these can work in the best way. This synergy is explained very well my dear colleague, Cristina Giotto, in the speech at Lugano Living Lab, in which he also addresses the issue of the generational gap:

"At this epochal moment it is necessary to give confidence to young people, who not only know how to press a button, but they really know how to do so much stuff. They are valuable guys who maybe are true maybe they express themselves much more with technology but they really know how to do, and do well. They need to have an opportunity to work in companies where they can bring incredible value, really great know-how. The confrontation-clash between generations can be an added value. I really hope that companies give confidence to kids and that they can really bring a breath of innovation and expertise."
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To find out what other benefits a company can have, click here.

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