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But is it possible that we can't cut fuel costs?

10 May 2021
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CUT FUEL COSTS - But is it possible that fuel costs cannot be reduced? It is a dilemma that I have always posed and that in this historical moment makes me reflect even more. Is it possible that, despite the economic weight that companies bear to refuel fuel, there are no economic and political conditions to standardize and make accessible costs, considering them a commodity of absolute necessity?

A future of sustainable fuels

We all hope to move towards a future where sustainable and renewable energies become the norm of our daily lives.

Great steps have been taken to achieve these objectives. Just think of e-fuels, or synthetic fuels that allow to reduce CO2 emissions by 70%. Their use is 100% sustainable because to produce them you use renewable energy from which you capture excess CO2 and their basic element is nothing else than hydrogen derived by cleavage, through chemical processes green, water.

And we all have eyes on the popularity that electric motors are gaining. Even the Ferrari car manufacturer has announced that it will launch its own electric car model in 2025.

But, despite the undoubted potential of these new engines powered by renewable energy, there are still several steps to overcome to consider them an alternative totally replacing the old status quo.

So yes, the future will see the use of electric motors or powered with sustainable fuels, but this process still has a long way to go.

While we are waiting for this future why not in the meantime cut fuel costs?

While we continue to work on developing technologies that will free us from the need for oil and its derivatives, why do we not seriously think about how to set a fixed and affordable price that will ease the economic burden of fuels?
It is possible that you can not, in the places delegated to do so, to set a policy that leads to lower the costs of raw materials essential to the work of all , especially for certain categories such as transport and logistics where fuel costs often become an impossible burden to bear.

What solutions can there be to reduce fuel costs?

Experts in the field would be able to develop a plan of political and economic strategies that can establish a single price (for example 1 euro per litre) for each type of fuel. This would reduce companies' costs. These companies would also have available capital that could be invested in innovation, development and recruitment.
If it is impossible to impose a political price for everyone, a first step could be at least to think of preferential tariffs for those categories that have an essential fuel consumption from their activity.
I am referring to the transport sector, logistics, the world of representation, just to give a few examples.

Is that too optimistic?

Is it an excess of idealism or can we seriously think that there is a possibility of finding a solution in this regard? In my imagination, such a choice would not only make life easier for specific sectors, but I believe it would also help the Italian economy to start again with a new impetus. Momentum that given the times that run and the crisis that our country is experiencing, would be an opportunity not to be missed.

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