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A Bill for Wild Relocations

11 April 2022
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COMPANY RELOCATIONS - A proposal for reform from below, written by workers for workers, which in its assumptions responds to a seemingly elementary but not recognized principle: "Relocating a company in good health, transferring its production abroad for the sole purpose of increasing the profit of shareholders, does not constitute free exercise of private economic initiative, but an act contrary to the right to work, protected by art. 4 of the Constitution".

The bill was signed by 26 MPs

This is a proposal for a law that aims to have a decisive impact on the abuse of companies. And to provide real and concrete tools to protect jobs in a market increasingly wild and dominated by multinationals that in recent months have accustomed to mass redundancies and closures of entire production plants overnight. An implicit sign that the workers have no particular expectations towards the so-called "decree against relocations" proposed to the government by 5 Stars and Democratic Party. A rule from which the draft has disappeared any reference to sanctions against companies that do not respect the agreements, and therefore - even in the event of approval - risks not serving almost anything.

It risks being of no use, above all because this is not the way to maintain and encourage foreign investment in Italy; threatening is useless!

To prevent the relocation of companies you need to attract!

We have a great challenge ahead for Italy; fiscal and economic reforms are also a great challenge in the great challenge.

The focus of this tax reform is the dual track of the public and the private. The public intervenes in major projects. The private sector enters with its entrepreneurial activities in support of the public but also to realize innovative industrial projects that create jobs, help culture and redistribute wealth among citizens.

Considering the critical and tragic situation in which we find ourselves, extraordinary measures and reforms are being proposed to transform Italy into a country equal to its possibilities.

These reforms must look not to tomorrow but to a development of decades to the future with a modern, inclusive and productive vision.

The guiding principle is investment. If I attract activity on the territory with fiscal incentives in the short term, in the long term I create an economic induced of growth and wealth. Not only economic but above all cultural.

With such a structured plan, even foreign companies can decide not only to settle in Italy but also not to go away!

The situation in Italy

Since 1987, the OECD has been telling Italy that our tax burden was too high, that we had the world record for the number of laws and the number of laws. That our bureaucracy was a jungle! It’s been a long time since 1987, but things have not improved and I would say maybe worse.

In the other Western countries we hear a single voice and music. Simple bureaucracy, fair taxes, incentives and aid to companies both on the national and international market. The true fiscal friend, the possibility of interacting with any apparatus and level of the State, clear regulations and immediate flexibility to change guidelines and rules according to the new situations that arise in the market.


In Italy we are unable to move forward on the reforms and the great revolution of the administrative apparatus. We must create the conditions to be central and a point of reference also in international economic operations as other nations do. Companies are looking for optimal conditions where they can invest and produce.

Incentives that can be given for the fact of hiring local staff, for the fact that it brings new technology and know-how to the territory. Because sales then made on the international market can be taxed differently and therefore with lower rates than the standard rate. Because I am allowed to operate also as a holding company of participation in all its branches in the world and therefore also here with different treatment regarding the normal taxation of dividends received from foreign branches etc etc… (here the list of possible reform actions are really endless!) Again: infrastructure and connections are fundamental for the economic and entrepreneurial growth of a geographical area.

From the first January 2018 there is a law in force in Italy that regards the Economic Zone special that regards all the ports of the south of Italy written and realized on the models of the free zones of Barcelona, Rotterdam, Suez etc etc. but nobody almost knows and the most serious thing is that nobody does anything to carry out these projects! A law made and written very well, but in reality it does not apply to the incompetence and disinterest of the parties involved. Let us think of the inducements that could be created by making such an initiative run smoothly.

So either we reform nothing or if we do then we do not apply!

The difficulties of fighting the wild relocations of companies

There is NO will to carry forward the great structural changes that our nation needs! The NON WILL is a symptom of ignorance (in the purely Latin meaning of the word that is of the one who does not know) and therefore of fear of facing change.

It is also of fundamental importance to try to keep Italian companies in our territory. Not to let them escape abroad and this is done exactly as I just stated above.

An example for all: I remember the FCA case that moved the headquarters from Turin to London and Amsterdam. When FCA FIAT finally became a private company thanks to Marchionne, it began to study and verify where it could have more legal-fiscal-economic advantages than Italy. Made the change and the transfer of the center, immediately all in Italy against Marchionne that had become a traitor of the fatherlands etc etc!!! An enlightened state would simply have tried to understand why the company was relocating its headquarters abroad. Then simply try to recreate in Italy those same economic-legal conditions (or better) that FIAT FCA had found abroad.

Only punishment and threat are of little use!

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