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F1 lands in Miami, virtual onboard of the track

23 April 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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F1 VIRTUAL - Formula 1, the most famous racing world championship in the world is always looking for new exciting adventures. During 2020, in order to overcome the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the FIA went in search of old and new European circuits to be dusted off to ensure the safe running of the championship. The research has given many interesting fruits and made it clear that the "circus" of the F1 needed, even for the coming seasons of new tracks on which to run. For this reason it was announced that from 2022 the f1 will run in a new track in Miami where it was made a virtual test tour.

Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series

The Formula 1 Esports Series is a professional sports program promoted by Formula 1. The program was created in 2017 to promote the official Formula 1 video game. In 2018, the official Formula 1 teams joined the program for the first time to create their own Esports teams to compete in the Formula 1 Esports Series championship. But then they didn’t know how much the virtual championship between drivers could be useful in the future.

In fact, the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 caused the postponement or cancellation of several Formula 1 Grand Prix races and postponed the start of the World Championship from March to June. The idea was to use the Esports platform to create the Virtual Grand Prix Series. This particular virtual F1 championship has seen current and former drivers compete, like other athletes and celebrities. In total there were 8 Grands Prix that saw George Russell triumph.

Good the first for virtual F1

The Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series experiment was so successful that it was revived in a shortened version also in January 2021. There were only three appointments with 10 teams involved. If the first experience was above all a way to keep busy drivers and fans waiting for the restart of the real world championship, in this case it was a charity.

The pre-season virtual F1 competition includes a sprint race in which the starting order is decided for the actual race. The race will then be held on the distance of 50% compared to the real one on this circuit. Each of the three races awards a score based on the order of arrival which decrees a prize pool totally donated to charity.

F1 also relies on the virtual to test the new circuits

During the weekend of the Imola Grand Prix it was announced the entry of a new circuit starting from the 2022 season. This is the Miami circuit, which will run around the Miami Hard Rock Stadium. The track, 5.41 km long, has 19 curves placed between three long straights, where presumably it will be allowed to use the DRS and will be an opportunity to overtake.

To see the circuit, however, it will not be necessary to wait for 2022. In fact, the FIA has released a video in which a virtual F1 car runs the circuit. The lap, performed on Assetto Corsa, shows the main characteristics of the circuit, which will be present on the calendar for at least ten years.Learn more about the virtual reality, click here

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