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Fashion joins the Esports

10 September 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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FASHION ESPORTS - Video games have always been considered a niche market and are proving to be a booming market. Within this sector is coming out with great grandeur a new way that of the Esports. Within this space you can even find professional competitions that reproduce all aspects of traditional competitions. The market that has emerged attracts numerous investors for the great opportunities it offers and among the sponsors' names there are more and more fashion brands that stand out.

The Esports market

Esports have created a growing market for several years now. Asia, North America and Europe are the countries with the highest number of revenues for a total of 947.1 million dollars in 2020. With the pandemic interest in this type of video game has grown even more, thanks especially to live streaming platforms that have allowed billions of users to share their gaming experience and be spectators of adrenaline racing like real ones.

Within the world of Esports you can find teams, clubs, coaches, athletic trainers, chroniclers, referees and mental coaches as for traditional sports. Not only that, the various teams and athletes have partnership and sponsorship contracts with brands from many sectors. One of all is that of fashion that is getting closer to the world of Esports.

Fashion brands with collaborations in the Esports sector

There are many cases of fashion brands involved in sponsorship campaigns with Esports athletes. The biggest news is of course the big brands like Ralph Lauren, Nike and Adidas, but also Gucci. To benefit from these collaborations are for example the Italian athlete gamer Pow3r of Fnatic or teams like the Vodafone Giants.

Not only big brands but also retailers are investing in Esports. This is the case of Zalando who announced that he can find in his store the gadgets of the Spanish team "Team Heretics". Kappa also has a partnership with a Spanish team Mad Lions, along with others including the Italian Triplo7klan.

To learn about other brands and their sponsorships in Esports, click here.

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