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Ferrari and Velas Network AG, the partnership for NFT

4 January 2022
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Alessia Petrucci
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FERRARI VELAS NETWORK NFT - In recent years, the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been inevitable. October 2021 was an exciting month for all cryptocurrency investors, as the price of bitcoin skyrocketed to $67,000, and Ethereum quickly followed suit. However, it is not only these blockchain technologies that attract interest. Among the best known are the NFT, which from art to sport are gaining more and more importance.

The partnership between Ferrari and Velas Network AG

Mission Winnow has left Ferrari but Cavallino certainly does not lack the possibilities of new sponsors. After Banco Santander, a new Premium Partner was announced. This is Velas Network AG, a world leader in the blockchain and NFT sector, which has already proven to be able to create and integrate technological products and services.

To announce the same Scuderia Ferrari with the words of team principal Mattia Binotto.

"We are pleased to start this collaboration with Velas Network AG, a company that makes innovation and performance the hallmark of technologically advanced products and services: are all values that we share and that led us to choose Velas as one of our Premium Partners".

The agreement was also discussed by Farhad Shagulyamov, CEO of Velas Network AG:

"After building the blockchain of the next generation, which devotes particular attention to performance and sustainability, it was natural to collaborate with another icon of excellence like Ferrari. Velas has introduced a series of innovative technologies in the world of blockchain and its derivatives that will now be showcased thanks to the presence at the top of motorsport".

But what are the NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFT - "Non Fungible Tokens") are digital goods.  They represent a wide range of unique, tangible and intangible objects. It ranges from collectible sports cards to virtual real estate and even digital sneakers, but also and above all art! The key features of NFT are non-interoperability, indivisibilityâ, indestructibility and verifiability.

One of the main advantages of owning a digital collector’s item over a physical object is that each NFT contains distinctive information. Such information makes it different from any other NFT and easily verifiable. This makes the creation and circulation of false collector’s items unnecessary because each object can be traced back to the original issuer.

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