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Hybrid events and sustainability: costs

21 May 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
eventi ibdridi sostenibilità
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HYBRID EVENTS SUSTAINABILITY - After more than a year with the ban on events in the presence, the first signs of reopening finally arrive. During this period, however, we were able to experience the advantages of virtual reality technology closely, especially in terms of economy and sustainability. However, what prevails now is the desire to return to human presence and contact. Does setting up events in the presence automatically exclude the creation of virtual ones? Of course not, because there’s a possibility of hybrid events. Let’s find out together how this type of event can maintain the standards of economy and sustainability.

What are hybrid events and what are more sustainable

Hybrid events are a new way of conceiving events with which the idea of a physical event is kept intact, enriching it with new possibilities. In essence, we proceed by realizing an event in parallel presence to a virtual one. The advantages of this operation are many. In essence, it is possible to include, share, disseminate information and services, breaking down all kinds of barriers. Sustainability is also one of the benefits.

Let’s give practical examples

Giving the opportunity to participate in the virtual event corresponding to the physical event means that only those who are close to it will reach the event. In this way, for example, substantial movements and long nights are eliminated. It may seem a small thing, which mostly has an effect in terms of economic costs but it is not so. In fact, if you compare the data relating to the CO2 emission of a three-day event that took place completely in the presence, with those of one held online we are immediately denied. In the first case, in fact, the CO2 emissions given by the sum of travel (air and land), accommodation and energy consumed is equal to 1,153,291 Kg per person, while the emission for a virtual event is 16,798 Kg per person. Multiply the numbers by the number of people who usually participate in an event and understand how the option only weighs in terms of sustainability in the presence.

Another thought we can make is about paper consumption. In this case you don’t need numbers, just think a little bit mentally. Think about the amount of paper that is used in an event in the presence to make explanatory posters, brochures, programs, business cards and much more. If the participation of many visitors takes place online all this is drastically reduced because digitalized. This means that what will then necessarily have to be printed can be done on recycled and recyclable material that as we know is not always too cheap. So the less we have to do, the more we can save. Not only do our wallets thank, but also the forests!

How to make the event more sustainable and reduce costs thanks to hybrid events

It is unthinkable to think that you can completely give up the events in the presence, but this rock can be smoothed if you realize a hybrid event. In principle, CO2 emissions due to fewer movements and overnight stays are already drastically reduced. In addition, having a small number of participants can focus more on making the event more sustainable in other respects as well.

To be attentive to sustainability in an event in the presence you can act on many fronts. First of all it becomes very important to choose the place where to set up our event. Its location and energy supply are very important. If the location of our event is powered by renewable energy and is located in a place easily accessible by public transport it greatly facilitates the purpose.

At the same time, however, the choice of suppliers and catering is very important. If we want to be 100% sustainable, the outsiders with whom we choose to collaborate must also be sustainable. Together with this, a further step can be taken by setting up a clear and efficient separate collection inside the spaces.

All of these things may seem very little, but in reality they are expedients that can do our planet a lot of good. At the same time, however, they can do a lot of harm to an organizer’s wallet. They are attentions that do not seem but take away much money and for many such expenses would not usually be conceivable. Hybrid events would also facilitate this.

Hybrid events meet the needs of young people in terms of focus on sustainability

Last but not least, there is another aspect to emphasize. The new generations. The generations of the future are very sensitive and attentive to sustainability and compliance with the UN Agenda2030. For a company to be seen already now attentive to these issues ensures that it can attract more young people who are the investors of tomorrow. Hybrid events are the best solution, because they are close to the ideals of tomorrow’s adults and because they bring into the field the imm technology that today’s generations wallow and with which they are comfortable.

Many have already chosen hybrid events

Choosing a hybrid event brings many advantages. Those who have already become convinced of this are 63% of medium and large companies, including them in their programs. This is because they discovered and understood the potential of a hybrid event. It ranges from the involvement of more participants from all over the world, to a greater sensitivity to environmental issues. All of these are also excellent tools for a significant increase in your ROI, which never fails.

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