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Illycaffè receives B Corporation certification

10 June 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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ILLYCAFFÈ B CORPORATION - Sustainability and respect for the environment are a cornerstone of today’s society. Not only individual citizens, but above all companies, are striving to make increasingly eco-friendly actions and choices. Many Italian companies have undertaken this path. An example is Illycaffè, a company in Trieste dedicated to the production and distribution of coffee. The ecological messages he sends are not just a front for marketing purposes, but are found in the activities of the same company. To demonstrate this, Illycaffè has recently been credited as B Corporation.

One step at a time: what are certified B Corporations?

Companies are more aware than ever of the fact that a change is taking place among consumers who want to do better for the world, starting from buying products and services from good and sustainable sources. The B Corporations were born out of this awareness.

"In a nutshell, Certified B Corporations are incorporated companies, which profit by balancing purpose and profit. These companies must meet the "highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability" to demonstrate that they are balancing profit and purpose, doing good for all stakeholders, in other words, not just the shareholders."

That’s what Catherine Riney, a business development consultant, tells us. To date there are over 3,800 Certified B Corps in over 70 countries in 150 different industries, from products to services.

Illycaffè and its focus on sustainability

Illycaffè is a family company founded in Trieste in 1933, the first in the coffee industry. Over the years it has given rise to numerous projects, including the University of Coffee and the celebration of its farmers who produce the best batch of sustainable coffee. The commitment of the company is branched into countless initiatives, from generative agriculture and respect for the environment, to the enhancement of workers in the fields and factories. In all this, he has also announced that he wants to use the objective of being beyond the commitment to be carbon free by 2033.

The latter objective is certainly very ambitious, but the road taken is the right one. For some years now Illycaffè has been improving by using electricity from renewable sources, solar panels and reducing the use of plastic.

A commitment that earned Illycaffè the certification of B Corporation

As we have seen, sensitivity to sustainability has always been at the heart of Illycaffè’s work, but the managers felt they had to give an even more concrete message. For this reason they decided to apply for accreditation to B Corporation, so as to give a legal framework to their commitment. Their efforts have been rewarded. As for future projects for Illy, nothing changes, as they will continue to follow the path already taken. But now they know they have more responsibilities and people to be accountable to. This goal for Illycaffè was the confirmation of moving in the right direction in terms of sustainability and social equity.

Illycaffè and the recognition of B Corporation an example for everyone

This extraordinary achievement achieved by illycaffè shows that even in the coffee sector it is possible to act in a regenerative manner - commented Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa, Regenerative Innovation Company and country partner for the Italy of B Lab -. Today it is indispensable for all companies to evolve in this direction and we are sure that illy’s success will inspire many others, in Italy and in the world, to accelerate in this direction».

We really hope that this prediction will come true because our planet really needs everyone’s commitment to save itself.

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