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Internet advertising surpasses TV advertising even in Italy

24 June 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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INTERNET ADVERTISING - The Internet and all its almost infinite possibilities is becoming more and more forcefully entering every aspect of our lives. The needs imposed by the pandemic have only accelerated a process that was already in place. But the aspect that most internet is modifying is the way to communicate. Not only between friends and acquaintances but also between companies and customers. More and more companies are relying on internet advertising with huge success. The latest came in 2020 with internet advertising that surpassed the collection derived from television advertising in many countries. In 2021 it happened also in Italy.

What is internet advertising

The Internet, or Digital, Advertising can be defined as the new way of doing marketing. It can be done in different forms, from banners, to search or even through the use of brand ambassadors such as influencers or aspiring ones. What in Italian is called advertising on digital channels, but more commonly known as ADV, takes advantage of different advantages compared to traditional advertising. In the case of influencers, in fact, it relies on the relationship of trust that comes to be established between the same and the customer, who is therefore more inclined to believe in the reliability of the product. Not only that, unlike advertisements on billboards, newspapers or television, with internet advertising you can keep track of customer behavior or possible such. The data can then be automatically collected and analyzed, so as to draw every possible useful information.

Of course, it’s not just digital advertising now, but it is taking on an increasingly important role within the communication strategies of various companies. And it’s not a wrong choice, just think that from 2020 onwards Adv generated more revenue than television advertising.

Internet advertising exceeds TV advertising

Internet advertasing overtook television advertising for many countries as early as 2020. In Italy, however, this phenomenon occurred "only" in 2021.

"The value of Internet Advertising at the end of 2020 reached 3.45 billion euros, marking a growth of 4% compared to 2019. Although during the first wave of the health emergency the Internet channel had suffered a sharp contraction (due to the cut in communication investments of different brands), in the following periods there was a good recovery, especially in the last quarter of 2020, which led the online channel to close the year with an overall positive trend - says Andrea Lamperti, Director of the Internet Media Observatory - "The recovery will continue in 2021 with a double-digit growth (+14%) and with the market that could thus exceed the value of 3.9 billion euros, thanks mainly to new online investments of individuals who, due to the pandemic, have had to reposition on digital channels, generating an increase in the number of investors".

This statement shows that the pandemic has done nothing but hasten an event that was already taking place. If you only look at the turnover figures yet the road to net surpassing between digital adv and others seems far away. However, a study carried out by the Internet Media Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano shows how digital advertising is gaining an ever larger audience. Important are also the data on digital interactions with out-of-home advertising, with 45% of consumers who said they made a purchase right after seeing an out-of-home advertising.

Are Adv always a guarantee?

As with everything, there is always a reverse of the medal. By now you are so used to following a certain brand because tied to a certain public character to be influenced both in the negative and in the positive. This is the case of Cristiano Ronaldo and Coca-Cola.

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