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Port companies: conditioning climate change

21 December 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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PORT COMPANIES - Climate change is a phenomenon that we can no longer ignore and tell us are their most direct consequences. All of us are at the expense of it, but it is the economic activities that are becoming aware of it every day. The climate crisis, with the rise of the seas, is likely to hit port companies worldwide very hard. To evidence the problem has been Luigi Merlo, president of Federlogistica.

The consequences of climate change, how the port companies live

"Italy is in danger of ending up under water for a good part and must run for cover. Otherwise the scenario will see ports no longer usable, traffics diverted in other nations beaches deleted, cultural heritage and real estate in danger." This is how Luigi Merlo spoke in Florence, on the occasion of the presentation of the European project Co.Cli.Co.

To be in danger not only the Italian port companies, but 136 coastal cities around the world, all kept under close monitoring. If we only look at the economic costs that rising seas will bring, we are talking about figures of between 1.6 and 3.2 trillion dollars. But there’s more at stake.

The maneuvers of the government

What is the government doing to try to help port companies defend themselves from this problem? Apparently very little. In fact, none of this is mentioned in the PNRR. Luigi Merlo has evidenced it very well in its participation to the meeting with the operators ports of and Marina di Carrara.

"The PNRR does not take any account of climate change and in particular the rise in sea level calculated in 35 centimeters between twenty and thirty years and 100 centimeters in the next hundred years. But even if in the PNRR there is none of this, you can not pretend that the port work also from this point of view will change. Operators must work on perspectives, not on today. This also applies to technology that does not stop being overcome".

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