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Stella Vita, a photovoltaic camper energy self-sufficient

2 November 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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STELLA VITA - Up to now we have been led to think that the only fossil fuel substitutes for transport vehicles were only and exclusively electric motors or powered by e-fuels recreated in the laboratory. However, there are those who for electric motors have well thought of feeding them energy from renewable sources. Among them are some guys from Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland, who created Stella Vita, an energetically self-sufficient camper.

Solar Team Star vehicles

From the Netherlands, more precisely from Eindhoven University of Technology, comes Stella Vita, an energetically self-sufficient camper. The 22 young students of the Solar Team Eindhoven group presented the first "mobile home" powered by a system of solar panels. The team is not new to this type of projects. Their experience starts with Stella, the first solar racing car for families made in 2013. But there are also Stella Lux, Stella Vie and Stella Era. All of these vehicles were also winners of exclusive awards at the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Among these vehicles, the one that most successfully led the Solar Team, before Stella Vita, was Stella Lux, because it was able to recharge other vehicles thanks to the excess energy that it can produce.

The Stella Vita project

The motorhome Stella Vita is equipped with a body that combines aesthetics and efficiency thanks to the look both modern and aerodynamic. The roof and the extensible side elements are covered with solar panels, energy suppliers that powers all the components of the camper. The roof also has the possibility to rise in bellows so you can fully enjoy the comfort of the interior and take advantage of the additional solar panels.

"For everyday use a comfortable interior has been designed, but as light and efficient as possible".

The members of the team then list the internal elements: a bed, a fridge, a bathroom, a sofa and a kitchenette, in addition to the driving station. Thanks to the infotainment system on the display, the driver is constantly informed about energy consumption levels.

The approximately 17.5 square meters of solar panels produce the energy needed for an electric motor powered by a 60 kWh lithium-ion battery and all other elements of the camper, such as kitchenette, lighting, TV and fridge. On sunny days, Stella Vita can travel up to 730 km at speed points close to 120 km/h. In case of lack of sun or depletion of self-produced energy nothing however takes away to recharge the camper at the public columns. Under normal conditions the charging times related to solar panels go from two to three days.

A thunder up in Spain to prove the qualities of Stella Vita

The first presentation of Stella Vita was in March in front of an audience full of young people. But the real demonstration of the performance of the camper the Solar Team wants to give you on the road. That’s why, from 19 September, they left for a 2,363 km long trip that, starting from Holland, will take the camper to Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost town in Spain.

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