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Streaming music brings the recorded music industry forward

14 September 2021
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STREAMING MUSIC - Together with the man’s music has also evolved. An alternative form of telling the story can be adopted by analyzing the evolution of different musical styles. The choice of instruments, notes and harmonizations often tells and reflects the cultural panorama of a given age or nation. The progress that society has had has also been reported in music, and not only in its composition but also in the means used for its reproduction. From the one and only live music you have come to be able to use a library of pieces directly in our pocket, thanks to smartphones. Today, the entire music industry can rely on streaming music to earn large economic revenues.

Music reproduction

Ever since recording technology entered the industry, there has been a search for ever more refined ways to bring as much music as possible into everyone’s homes. It started with the well-known 35 laps to get to the streaming music. In this passage we saw cassette tapes, compact disc, mp3 players and much more. The music industry has benefited over the years from these technologies, some more than others.

In today’s society it is streaming music that dominates it, but many are also rediscovering vinyl reproduction, with a market that today in Italy has had higher revenues than Cds.

Revenue from streaming and vinyl music

According to IFPI’s "Global Music Report", total revenues from the recorded music industry amounted to US$21.6 billion in 2020. The same research, reported on an article published on TIO, shows that only the music streaming department has generated revenues of 13.41 billion, or 62.1% of the total. Of these US$3.27 billion comes from advertising on reproduction platforms and the rest from subscriptions.

In Italy there has been a double growth this year. These concern both the streaming music sector and the sale of vinyl. The vinyl market recorded a 121% growth in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same months of 2020. So it surpassed Cds for the first time in 30 years, recording revenues of 4.7 million euros.

Desire for refinement

This growth shows that the music reproduction sector is very important and appreciated. The growth of vinyl sales also suggests that among people there is the desire to come back to appreciate the good and old music reproduced as once. Buyers in fact are not only collectors looking for unique or very rare pieces, but real fans of music who appreciate the sophistication of this method of reproduction. For them to listen to an album, even fresh out, in single is much more fascinating than doing it from your phone, like everyone else.

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