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The down of the facebook group causes a collapse in the stock market

5 October 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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DOWN FACEBOOK GROUP - In the late Italian afternoon of Monday, October 6, 2021 all social users suddenly remembered how life was before the advent of the main communication platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger suddenly stopped working, leaving many stunned by the situation. The problem, however, was more serious than you think especially for some companies and individuals who base their business on actions related to the facebook group.

The down of the facebook group

In recent years Mark Zuckerberg has accustomed us to some hours of down of some sections of the facebook group. What happened on October 4, however, was the most global and lasting blackout ever had until now. From 17:40 yesterday afternoon, Italian time, for seven hours Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were in "down". Users noticed immediately but the same Zuckerberg thought well to alert on the social rival Twitter, where within a few minutes the entire social community poured. Yes because the error occurred in virtually all over the world and not just in some areas as it often happened.

At first it was thought of a hacker attack, but it was not so. The failure in fact seems to have been caused by an incorrect configuration of Facebook servers. However, the problem has been worsened by the sophisticated security networks inserted to protect themselves from possible hacker attacks, which have made it more difficult to restore the situation. In the eyes of most a down of the facebook group it may seem silly and maybe even good, having made us open our eyes on how much we depend on social. Unfortunately, the situation is not so simple.

The economic consequences of #facebookdown

The event has had economic repercussions and not just that. Mark Zuckerberg’s giant recorded a $6 billion loss on the stock market. The worst consequences, however, have been paid by users. All over the world the number of people who rely on facebook, instagram and whatsapp for their work and beyond is incalculable.

Companies and individuals operate or use social platforms for their work. Yesterday, at 17:40, Italian time, every possibility of movement was blocked. Everyone who uses the Facebook account to manage other platforms such as intelligent equipment has also suffered. During the down hours of the facebook group could not open doors, receive or order, turn on/off the office lights, and much more. The estimated economic damage around this blackout was estimated at $160 million per hour of down.

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