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The importance of proper data security

22 November 2021
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DATA SECURITY - But is it possible that we still do not understand the importance of securing our data and business data? It’s actually such an important topic that the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the United States Department of National Security (DHS) have launched the Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign. In other words, they dedicated the month of October 2021 to raising awareness among users and companies on the issue of personal data security and their IT infrastructures.

The importance of data security

We have been talking about digital transformation for more than twenty years now, but today we are in the middle of this transition. The process then accelerated with the arrival of the pandemic, which showed how important it is to use technology to our advantage and be able to provide services at a distance through the use of it. In this historical context, we cannot refuse to innovate and close ourselves to new developments, but at the same time we must know their advantages and risks.

One of the greatest dangers we face in this era of digital transformation is data security, personal and/or business. When I talk about data security I am referring to all those actions that can safeguard digital data from unwanted actions performed by unauthorized users. These operations can in fact lead to enormous damages for our person, but especially for our business. It ranges from an image damage related to the reputation of our company to get up to an economic damage. A study conducted by IBM has shown that the average cost of a data breach is around $3.92 million. This is a huge economic figure, which includes various factors.

The dangers to data security

When we think about the security breach of our data, we often only refer to external attacks caused by cyber criminals. In fact, the dangers are also due to human error and the use of unsuitable computer technology. These latter factors became more important after the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in smart working. It has also increased the amount of data exchanged and information shared with an increasing number of users every day.

These processes are not at all simple given the quality of the technology available to most companies and the levels of compliance and privacy to which the data are subjected. This is why it is important to invest in data security through the use of integrated software that ensures end-to-end protection. Implementing today’s computer technology saves you tomorrow due to data loss.

Relying on the experts

Unfortunately there is no mathematical certainty to avoid any cyber attacks or that by mistake sensitive material is sent to the wrong subject, but you can put in place solutions to avoid it. Too often damage is repaired, but in this case it is necessary to prevent it. For this reason, there are cyber security professionals on the market that can provide the most sophisticated and suitable assistance to our needs.

.The important thing for us is to rely on the right people, who meet high business standards and whose experience is demonstrated by years of activity in the sector. Too often, in fact, there are cases of companies that, riding the wave of necessity, pretend to be acclaimed professionals, but in reality until yesterday they dealt with anything else. Choosing the right cyber security company is the first step to securing our data.

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