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The scalable metaverso of Advepa Communication

22 October 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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SCALABLE METAVERSO ADVEPA COMMUNICATION - The 25th edition of the Möbius Prize was held in Lugano on 15 and 16 October 2021. On Saturday the finalist projects were presented in the categories Grand Prix Möbius Suisse, Grand Prix Möbius Editoria Mutante, Möbius Giovani. Among the finalists in the category Publishing Mutant quality fairs and immersive congresses there was also Swiss Virtual Expo, which won the Möbius Prize thanks to the technology of Advepa Communication.

The Möbius Prize

The Möbius Prize was established by the City of Lugano and the Swiss Radio and Television in 1997, in collaboration with the Prix Mobius International. With the sponsorship since 2015 of the Foundation Möbius Lugano for the development of digital culture. The Foundation aims to develop initiatives aimed at the dissemination and enhancement of the great themes of digital culture in its various aspects, especially humanities and art, which touch on issues of great importance for social evolution.

There are many "geological eras" that have characterized the changes of our digital society in the last twenty-five years and to try to understand where we are going we need deep and qualified reflections on the pillars of our civil coexistence: The city and democracy are an essential example of this, as are the cultural spheres that are the background to the different Möbius meetings of the Twenty-fifth Century.

Recognition of the scalable metaverse of Advepa Communication

Swiss Virtual Expo, realized through the technology for immersive 3D environment of Advepa Communication, has been awarded the Möbius Prize in the category "Mutant Publishing with this motivation:

“We reward Swiss Virtual Expo for its ability to design a scalable, eco-friendly metaverse that can also be used outside specific exhibition opportunities in which to propose and display and users forms of co-creation of content and exhibition spaces.”

Advepa is committed to creating and offering companies a scalable technology that leaves no one behind. Within the immersive environments created, everyone can find a space and customize it, with minimal investments. The company’s products are within everyone’s reach, with the possibility of obtaining disproportionate profits, capable of increasing their ROI.

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