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Vinitaly Special Edition: good hopes for the wine industry

27 October 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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VINITALY SPECIAL EDITION - Given the special moment we are experiencing, Vinitaly decided to return with a Special Edition from 17 to 19 October, also in Verona. Despite the return to safety and after two years of absence it was a downsized version with 3 pavilions and 400 cellars, against the 3,000 of the past seasons. In addition there were not the usual fans of the industry but only operators. However, we took the opportunity to focus this edition on business.

The wine market after the health crisis

At the beginning of the health emergency, Roca Blasco, Director General of the OIV (International Wine Organization), conducted a survey for which 2020 would have led to a loss for the wine sector of 35% for sales and 50% for the overall value of the sector.

During the Vinitaly Special Edition it emerged that the situation, following the lockdown, was not so catastrophic. In fact, both for Italy and for other foreign countries, there was a loss of about 2.5%. The main wine-drinking places, such as bars and restaurants, were not accessible, as well as ad hoc events. However, supermarkets and online retailers were open, allowing wine to reach the homes of consumers. These have rediscovered the pleasure of enjoying this drink and use it to accompany lunches and dinners with friends, once possible, instead of the now traditional aperitifs.

At Vinitaly Special Edition space for organic viticulture

If during the lockdown the revenue for the wine sector came mainly from supermarkets, now bars and restaurants have returned to work that produce even greater revenue than the period before 2020. In the last two years the type of wine consumed has also changed:

"While during the pandemic the market has focused on historical and well-known wines that brought an element of safety in a world upside down, now operators are looking for something new and different. Almost a way to put the recent past behind us."

This is what Lorenzo Biscontin, CEO of Labhornet, said at Vinitaly Special Edition. It also reports how it was set up, within the fair, an area entirely dedicated to organic wines. This is evidence of the fact that it is no longer a "niche limited to a few hyper-ecologist enthusiasts, but one of the trends that are defining the future of Italian vine-growing". In Italy, data from 2019, report that are 107,143 hectares of organic vineyard. With these numbers the Bel Paese wins the record for the largest area of vineyards cultivated according to the rules of organic farming. But these figures are likely to grow more and more in the near future.

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