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World of eating and investing: what unites them

22 June 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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EAT INVEST - We all know very well the ways of saying: "Tell me how you eat and I’ll tell you who if" or "Talk how you eat". We never thought we would hear this saying associated with the investment sector. In fact, a study has shown that there is a correlation between our way of eating and investing.

Many things affect the choice of our investments

Each person is a stand-alone individual, with their own preferences, tastes and a personal way of seeing things. This uniqueness is also reflected in the way in which each of us is led to invest. Some people totally trust their instincts, some people leave it in the hands of a professional. But there is also one who likes to risk and knows that from this has much more profit margin, as there is also one who prefers to have less profits but know that these are certain.

For most people, however, the world of investment is a real unknown terrain, difficult to understand, practically incomprehensible. But what you notice is that most experts tend to compare the world of eating to the philosophy of investing.

Eating and investing two related worlds

There are many who create similarities between the world of eating and investing. The focal point in common, however, is the choice and good use of the best raw materials. The Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli and Professor Barbara Alemanni explain it very well in their podcast "Fornelli e Finanza".

Locatelli: "In a cooking competition if a competitor does not want to risk arrives with a plate of pasta. [...] Then it also depends on what you make me the pasta dish. Because if you used the poor raw material then in cooking freghi alone. A well-made pasta dish, well-dried, with good oil on it is a whole other thing."

Alemanni: "Exactly in finance we consider the investment classes as raw materials. These have different risks and yields, like ingredients in the kitchen."

Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you how you invest

Now a further step has been taken in the combination of food and investment. This is thanks to Siat, the association of technical-quantitative financial analysts, which for over thirty years has been studying financial markets through algorithmic, statistical, quantitative analysis and graphic models, also with the support of artificial intelligence and implementing behavioral finance and neuroeconomics.

"The task of SIAT - explains President Davide Bulgarelli - is to accompany the world of finance in its new phase of growth by launching and meeting the challenges that the future holds. This year we want to take a further shot and we dedicate ourselves, with great emphasis, to a very innovative experiment: to analyze how and through which paths the microbiota, the intestinal flora and the immune system contribute to influence economic choices-financial of an individual".

The study is called "Sociobiome: motor food for the mind", and includes a series of computer tests, which will comply with established protocols and standards of experimental and behavioral economics. The event takes place in 2 Trading Day Campus events scheduled for 24 and 25 June at the San Siro racecourse, and the Trading Academy, scheduled for 3 to 5 September in Castelmonastero near Siena. In addition to the digital tests, the participants will also collect biological samples to deepen the relationship between social, neural and metabolic mechanisms at the basis of human decision-making.To learn more about how our mind influences our choices, click here

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