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Vinophila on the cellars side with #anataleregalavino

3 December 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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#ANATALEREGALAVINO - They sent me to a last minute dinner and I can not show up empty-handed, what could I bring? I’d like to give a bottle of bubbly to Daniele and Laura, but will they like it? I didn’t give my father-in-law a present this Christmas if I gave him a good bottle of red wine? These are just some of the questions with variation on the theme that at least once, as the Christmas holidays approach we find ourselves to ask ourselves. Finding a solution to these doubts is never easy. This year in our rescue comes Vinophila with the initiative #anataleregalavino.

Vinophila on the cellars side with #anataleregalavino

#anataleregalailvino is the hashtag with which Vinophila is the spokesperson of a social initiative in view of Christmas. We understand the objective of the project from the words of one of its creators Lorenzo Biscontin, creator and administrator of Vinophila.

"Many consumers, in the fear of making mistakes, renounce buying. We believe that the pleasure of wine should be enjoyed in a more spontaneous and natural way. Giving a bottle is never wrong because wine is thought, sharing, emotion and not least discovery: if you do not know the tastes of the person to whom it is intended, just choose one that we like. In this way we can give and share a part of ourselves".

Part of the initiative also includes social involvement. Anyone who wants to participate can download the logo from the Vinophila website and share it on social media along with the images of the wines given away.

The situation of the Italian food and wine market

The advent of Christmas 2021 for the food and wine sector could face a major problem related to the introduction of new restrictions to contain the pandemic. At the same time this danger could be contained thanks to the online sale of products, such as wine bottles and necessary for food parcels, to be carried as a gift.

The research conducted by Trade Lab reports that the consumption of food and drink will close in 2021 with a turnover of 66 billion euros. The sector that works best is that of spirits and wines that mark an increase of 11%. The sector that is experiencing its moment of glory is that of Italian sparkling wines. Demand is very active both in our country and outside. Emblematic is the case of Asti, a sparkling wine often linked to the holiday period alone, because of its sweet connotation, but which today is becoming increasingly popular in the world market, throughout the year.

Angelo Peretti, on Internet Gourmet, said:

"If we look at export, in reality the volumes are so small that it is difficult to make distinctions. 90% of Franciacorta is consumed in Italy, Trentodoc makes only 8 million bottles... But even these are wines that this year are going very well, because there is less product than the demand. There are sparkling wines coming from all over the world, such as the 700 million bottles of Prosecco, and even Asti".

Discover the Metaverso of Vinophila Wine Expo

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