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Voxxed Days Ticino: digital transformation today

5 November 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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VOXXED DAYS TICINO - There are companies still struggling to understand the meaning of digital transformation and there are others that are already implementing it. An example is ated-ICT Ticino that brought the declination of Devoxx events in Switzerland with Voxxed Days Ticino. The event now in its 7th edition will return in 2021 in attendance.

Digital transformation

Technological progress over the past decade has accelerated strongly. Today the new model put on the market last week is already obsolete. Keeping up with these changes is difficult, especially for many companies that are still unable to implement digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the mechanism by which synergies are created between business and digital technology. In order to give life to these collaborations, however, the company must be ready and responsive to fully grasp the potential of the tools made available. There must be flexibility and a willingness to get involved, but above all, preparation for change.

In the business landscape there are many companies that still can not fully understand the true meaning of digital transformation. In fact, it is thought that it only provides for the digitization of internal processes within the company. In reality, it includes everything relating to the inclusion of new technologies capable of assisting and making work within the company more efficient. Fortunately, the market offers numerous training courses that allow you to stay up to date. Among these we find Voxxed Days Ticino.

Voxxed Days Ticino

The 7th edition of Voxxed Days Ticino will be held on 18 November in Lugano, the event organized by and for developers. It is a unique technological event, proposed by ated-ICT Ticino and addressed to the communities of developers and programmers. Born as a spin-off of Devoxx and present all over the world, Voxxed Days are training days organized by the developers to bring together under the same roof speakers of international and local fame, leading companies in the field and software engineers eager to keep up to date, do training, exchange ideas and knowledge and be inspired.

The day, which will take place at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, consists of eight independent training conferences in the form of talks given by speakers of international and local fame. The length of the speeches varies from 25 to 45 minutes, and this seventh edition will be "glocal" in nature, that is with talk 50:50 in Italian and English. The topics covered are Methodology & Culture, Big Data & AI, Cloud, Containers & Infrastructures, UX, Kubernetes, Java Language and JVM.

To purchase event tickets, https://tickets.ated.ch/event/vdt2021

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