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Women who inspire women, join the event

18 May 2021
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WOMEN EVENT- In today’s society still not many women manage to make their way in the world of technology. Also accomplice the cultural heritage that badly likes to see the working woman, let alone in areas that traditionally are considered purely masculine. In reality, however, the women who are fascinated by STEM subjects and works are many and seek support for each other. This is why Women4digital by ated-ICT Ticino has created the virtual event for women who support women. But this event is only the first of many.

"Women who inspire women", events to get closer to technology

Women4digital by ated-ICT Ticino is an independent association of the Canton of Ticino founded in 1971. The goal is to encourage, support and give visibility to women’s projects, startups, apps and ideas, as well as promote and organize meetings and events to create and share skills in Digital Business.
To try to pursue its goals, Women4digital launched a format entitled "Women who inspire women". This initiative consists of a series of events and meetings with which we try to show new job opportunities in the field of technology. The aim is to indicate tools and reading keys to mainly understand the world of STEM disciplines.

An event aimed at women but open to all

With "Women who inspire women" we certainly intend to reactivate a dialogue with the female universe - comments Cristina Giotto, Director of ated-ICT Ticino and Founder of Women4digital. But the type of meetings that we inaugurate with the 20th of May wants to be a format of discussion open to all, in which a context is at the center, the digital one, which is of wide interest. In fact, the appointments are aimed at a very wide and transversal audience, with the concrete aim of providing examples so as to trigger a virtuous process, both to get back into play thanks to new technologies, both to reshape your professional profile based on the new skills required by the market.

This philosophy of collaboration can already be found on the occasion of the first appointment entitled "New digital professions and more requested profiles in Switzerland". On this occasion and women who will take part will be guided and invited to share their ideas and experiences by Maurizio Canetta, director of RSI.

A free event that is a shame to miss

The first appointment will be held on May 20 at 17:30. In addition to Maurizio Canetta, Pepita Vera Conforti, Continuing Training Expert at the Vocational Training Division (DECS), Ivana Sambo, Corporate Affairs and Delegate Public Affairs & Media Region South at Swisscom, will also speak, Roberta Cattaneo, SBB Regional Director, Southern Region and Simona Gamba, Deputy COO & Chief Innovation Officer at Locarno Film Festival.

It’s very easy to participate, just sign up online at the following link https://tickets.ated.ch/event/nmdepprisdcildtr. This is just the first in a series of events that will take place throughout the course of 2021 and you definitely do not want to miss. It is never more important than now to confront and open up to new opportunities, especially if they are aimed at finding new employment frontiers.To learn more about initiatives in the Canton of Ticino, click here

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