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Parvin Afsar

Parvin Afsar


Parvin Afsar was born in Italy, in the province of Varese, to an Italian mother and a Persian father. The two cultures come together in her enterprising spirit. After graduating in industrial engineering from Liuc in Castellanza, she attended a master degree in project management and another in small and medium-sized business management.

During the university course, still in her twenties, she followed two logistic-oriented internships: Doing business in China, in Shanghai, and “Supply Chain Management” at Arizona State University, in Phoenix. She was invited by Confindustria Giovani to participate in a project aimed at encouraging girls to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the age of 33, she succeeded his father in running the family business. She is still an entrepreneur in the commercial, mechanical and network marketing fields. A great motorcycle enthusiast, she has a heart that beats for the Ducati.
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