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Yes to funding for the Imola Grand Prix until 2025

12 October 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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IMOLA - Formula 1 during the two years of Grand Prix conditioned by the Covid-19 had the opportunity to discover or rediscover new circuits. Some of these, who had no contracts with the "Circus" until now, have conquered drivers, teams and fans, so as to require the scheduling. Among these there is the circuit of Imola with the Grand Prix of Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna.

Alternative solutions for f1

During the pandemic from Covid-19 formula 1 was the example that if a system is well organized it can be safely restarted. In March 2020 they had tried to start the championship normally but too many cases of positivity forced the Circus to pull the curtains. In June of the same year, however, they wanted to start equally putting particular solutions in the field.

Tampons, masks, bubbles, but above all races in circuits hosted in Covid safe Nations. This has meant that many leads, normally before contract, have been able to show their qualities and try to enter the calendar of right formula 1. Among these there is the circuit of Imola that has replaced both in 2020 and in 2021 grand prix in countries outside of Europe and that now would like to be present in the next years.

Imola Grand Prix, yes to funding

After Qatar even Imola would like to make a deal with Formula 1 to be on the calendar for the next few years. Finally the yes from Mario Dragi has arrived. The President of the Council gave permission to ACI to sign the contract. This guarantees the economic investment necessary to attempt a 20 million annual agreement. Of these 12 million would come from the national executive, of which seven from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICE, the Institute for Foreign Trade, and five from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The remaining eight are divided between: Emilia-Romagna Region with five million, two from the Con.Ami of Imola and one million from Aci.

At this point it only remains to see what Formula 1 will decide on the Grand Prix of Made in Italy and Emilia-Romagna in Imola. The hope is obviously to review the cars run on the track also in 2022 and for the next three years. In past extraordinary editions the circuit did not disappoint neither drivers nor spectators, giving exciting races full of twists and turns.

Equal Salary certification for Ferrari

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