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EXCO returns in presence but in the form of hybrid fair

8 July 2021
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Alessia Petrucci
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EXCO FIERA IBRIDA - The theme of ecology is a topic that should interest everyone but that still for many is unknown. Great are the advances made, but too many are still to be done. But if you want to know about what is happening in the world with regard to the green turning point, you just have to visit EXCO, the hybrid fair on sustainable innovation.

Ecofuturo and the choice of a sustainable virtual fair

The Ecofuturo festival team has been committed for years to continue its philosophy and ethics: the combination of technology and environment, the positive side of innovation, the concrete opportunities for a real green breakthrough. Following the needs dictated by the pandemic was born the new project of Exco, virtual fair on sustainable technological innovation and renewable energy.

Despite its online transfer, the fair has remained a place to seize business opportunities, close business relationships and show its products, potentially all over the world. Now, however, we have given ourselves a new look, showing that we are always following innovation. This is why the new version EXCO was born, a hybrid fair that will see the light simultaneously in virtual format and in presence.

EXCO hybrid fair, where and how to participate

The virtual fair is no longer enough, so the staff wanted to give new life to the eighth edition of the Festival Ecofuturo under an even more new guise. It is EXCO as a hybrid fair. In fact, the event will be held from 13 to 17 July 2021 at the Fenice Energy Green Park in Padua. At the same time, however, the live streaming will allow you to participate in the event also in virtual, from all over the world and at any time. The virtual events will also be available throughout the year 24h on 24h. The reason for the choice is read from this statement that you can find on the official website of the event:

"The aim of the Staff of Ecofuturo is to reach the maximum of people and companies worldwide, to disseminate correct information and data on the use and opportunities related to renewable energy and sustainable technologies known. As always stated, EXCO was born to become the hub of eco-innovations and meeting place, exchange and training of the ecological world."

Numerous novelties for EXCO in hybrid format

There are many technologies and themes, from eco-innovations to sustainable and ethical businesses. There will be a rich presence of the world of associations, as well as bookstores, exhibitions, films and documentaries and the opportunity to follow webinars in depth.

It will not be all about business. There will also be room for a side of aesthetic and playful enjoyment. Exco is a 100% sustainable environment and its choice of a hybrid fair largely reflects the ideals of sustainability that EXCO has been pursuing for 8 editions.

Plus it’ll be even more accessible. In fact, in addition to taking place simultaneously in presence and in virtual, all the event will be accessible to all types of equipment. For Android and Ios has been created an app capable of guaranteeing the same functions as mobile access to the fair from computers.

Now you just have to participate!

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