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Hamid-Reza Khoyi and fundraising

27 April 2021
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FUNDRAISING HAMID-REZA KHOYI - There are numerous charities in the world that deal with improving the lives of people with difficulties. It ranges from research facilities, to rehabilitation and reception facilities. However, these realities cannot manage to do it alone, going forward only through their goodwill. Even though we don’t like to say it, they need money to move forward and you don’t even bring it. In every nation the state supports the various foundations with tax concessions and economic aid, but it is not enough. There is a need for other inputs. Hamid-Reza Khoyi, an accountant and former member of the board of one of these foundations, introduces his experience and advice on how to look for external financiers.

 Hamid-Reza Khoyi’s experience with the La Fonte Foundation

A few years ago the La Fonte Foundation was looking for a new board member to join its team. A friend of mine, also part of the above-mentioned board, informed me about this place because he is well aware that when you need to roll up your sleeves I am in the frontline. So I agreed to join the foundation board.

Never was a choice more right.  The La Fonte Foundation hosts children with disabilities. The kids of the structure can not only find accommodation, but also a place to learn new things. The environment has got a family atmosphere and their long-term intent is to teach children a job to be useful in society and find their place in the world.

The guys I’ve met over the years have given me a lot of emotions. They have no filters, therefore all the emotions and reactions they have are genuine and sincere. Dealing with them gives a great peace because you know that they are wearing no mask, and all the interactions they have with you are guided by pure truthfulness.

For charitable foundations it’s not all puppies and rainbows

Being able to work with children with disabilities and trying to give them a bright future to aspire to is already difficult in itself. But it is not the only difficulty charities have to face. The environment in which the children and members of the foundations must be suitable and have all the necessary equipment to assist the work of the guests and workers. The realization of such a thing requires a lot of money. The spaces must be brought up to standard, all infrastructures must be equipped with the necessary machinery and, in addition, safety standards must be guaranteed.

The organizational organs of the various Countries guarantee to cover part of the costs of the foundations through a contract of performances. The Foundations, in return, must be able to cover with these refunds fixed utilities, the maintenance of environments and the introduction of new equipment to ensure performance standards. However, this aid is not sufficient to cover all the costs.

The resources of a good fundraising explained by Hamid-Reza Khoyi

The charitable foundations must understand that in the future the state will not offer them more aid, indeed perhaps the funds available will be even less. The risk is therefore to see revenue decrease considerably. What to do then? Turning more and more to donations systems from private individuals and companies.

Fundraising, however, is not so easy. Every day dozens of new foundations and charities are born. In order to start their business and keep it running, they need numerous economic resources that they seek in the state, but especially in private donations. But asking for money is not so simple. In fact, private individuals, before jumping into a new initiative assess every little detail.

To be successful in fundraising you need a structured plan

Fundraising is a very interesting sector because it allows structures to raise funds for their operational part and make investments. There are many companies and individuals who have large amounts of capital to invest in charities, but just as many are the latter.

To stand out in the mass you need to put in place a well-structured and organized fundraising. For this purpose, there are specialized companies that can support fundraising. But everyone needs to understand the importance of building your fundraising very well. This is because who does it can make use of sufficient funds, since that for many there are funds but not associations to allocate them to.

Proposals of a good fundraising by Hamid-Reza Khoyi

The most important thing in fundraising in my opinion, Hamid-Reza Khoyi, is to realize that every day a new foundation is created. This could have billions in availability but often people do not know who to ask, because they do not know how to submit his proposal well. Instead, it would take very little to have small amounts for a large population, thus leading to huge successes.

Investors can be multiple. Just think of some examples of the world of art and education that have already realized projects. These projects were made possible by funds from former students. A bit built along the lines of what happens in American universities. All this to reiterate that the potential is there but must be used well.

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