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The Master in Fundraising turns 20 years old

28 April 2021
- Di
Alessia Petrucci
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FASTER FUNDRAISING - Everytime you think about starting something, whether it is an event, a foundation, a company, the first thought goes to funds. To start and enter the market you need money. Not only, even when you already are in circulation, having available savings to invest is an essential priority. However, most of the time the state aid and your own finance are not enough, therefore you need to turn to someone else. But who and how? The answer to these questions can be given by experts of the sector that gained a master degree in fundraising at the University of Bologna.

The research of professional fundraiser

“Fundraising is not that easy. Everyday dozens of new foundations and charities are born. These, to start their activity and keep it functioning, need numerous economic resources. They look for them in the state aid, but overall in private donations. But asking for money is not that easy. In fact, private individuals, before they blast into a new initiative, assess every little detail.”

This is what Hamid-Reza Khoy states about fundraising in his related research. He underlines the importance of having a well organized and structured project to submit in order to impress investors. Such an objective is not easily viable and there is a need of experts who know how to prepare it and preview new solutions to sustain new foundations. But where do you learn how to become a fundraising expert?

Alma Mater Studiorum of the University of Bologna and the master in Fundraising

At the Alma Mater Studiorum of the University of Bologna it is possible to attend the University Master in Fundraising for nonprofit and public bodies. Right in 2021 it has been 20 years that this master trains experts in fundraising. There is talk of over 1000 experts in the sector to date. The Master favours the professional career focusing on every single student. This also thanks to the wide choice of internships proposed each year, that in most cases turn into job offers. In fact, data show that a year after the master, 92% of students work in the nonprofit sector.

Acknowledged worldwide for its high quality program, renowned professors and staff, the master in fundraising stood out also in facing the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Its students could benefit from an efficient teaching both in-person and in streaming that allowed us to train fundraisers in and out of Italy” You can read.

The 20th Edition of the Master in Fundraising for Nonprofit and Public Bodies

The education of new experts in fundraising does not stop. The 20th Edition of the Master in Fundraising for Nonprofit and Public Bodies will start in January 2022.

“270 hours of teaching both in class and online, an educational program studied in detail and the best experts of the sector as professors. A practical and concrete approach that opens the door to the world of work with a professional career service, that devotes an individual path to every student, and a guaranteed internship of 400 hours.”

Furthermore, all students of the Master in Fundraising can take part in the Fundraising Festival, the most important conference of networking and education in Italy about fundraising. Starting point for the job placement and the internship offers.

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