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The new restriction on the use of cash

28 March 2022
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USE CASH RESTRICTION - The new restriction of the use of cash fixed at 1000 euro and then raised to 2000 euro. IT’S NOT TO FIGHT EVASION BUT IT ONLY AFFECTS THE LOWER-MIDDLE CLASS, YOUNG AND OLD!

Restriction on the use of cash to combat tax evasion. Effective tool?

To combat evasion, we need other systems and procedures that are always the result of a profound tax reform as we propose!

Quick reflections on the point:

  • large evaders, mafia, traffickers etc etc do not have the problem of the 2000 euro of cash.
  • There is no European legislation that imposes this limit (indeed many EU countries have no limit ).
  • The check must be made in advance but the method of payment must be left free.
  • Moreover, not limiting the use of cash for payments is also a way to turn a part of the economy thinking in the first place of payments made by younger and older people.

Alternative solution

DEDUCTION OF ALL COSTS - Possibility for any subject to deduct all expenses and costs such as receipts, invoices, tickets etc, etc of any kind, even not related to the activities carried out by the same subjects. For example, an employee may deduct a plumber’s bill as an expense. If I can deduce I definitely ask for the invoice and the plumber issues it and pays VAT and taxes.

With this system becomes irrelevant the means of payment because I realized the control upstream. The impression is that this measure is more punitive and demagogic and the practical effects will have very little effect for what it is proposed for, namely the fight against evasion!

But do you really think that this way we can stop the big evaders, the mafia, the traffickers etc etc? The struggle without borders and piety must be made to the recycling of large international transactions. There you have to intervene, block the tax havens, hit the mob mix - economy. A modern state must focus on these points!

Make everything billable

You have to go upstream, understand our real situation: lower taxes, make deductible expenses and costs etc etc. In other words when we created a system in which everything is billed with the possibility of deducting for everyone, the payment system becomes the least important thing! Considering that, however, to date, in the current situation the limit of 2000 euros is a ridiculous measure, inadequate and "affects" only honest people who work and produce in the healthy circuit of our economy and therefore also affects the economy itself!

The thing that irritates most is that the mobsters and the big evaders are having a big laugh about this limit of 2000 euros!


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