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Oliver Camponovo

Oliver Camponovo

LEENK LLC e Tribe Guitars

Oliver Camponovo, born in Switzerland, grew up in the Canton of Ticino in the southern part of Switzerland, a canton almost entirely surrounded by Italy. His desire to explore the world was already felt at a young age. In fact, Oliver decided to explore his surroundings by continuing his education in Basel. During his formative years he had the opportunity to study and obtain degrees at the Universität Basel, in Basel, and at the University of California, and then returned to Switzerland.

Camponovo, today, uses his extensive international experience as a consultant and active investor and has put at his side a group of different and global experts, at LEENK LLC and Tribe Guitars. Over the years he has become passionate about new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, as well as impact investments (ESG).

His great passion for travel led him to keep an online diary of his experiences. In his stories he also mentions the responsibility that each of us has towards the world, which we must guard and protect.

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