FIC - Finanze Investimenti Criptovalute

International Taxation

I analyze and technically compare the various tax systems in the world and I try to bring them to Italy with proposals and ideas to develop on our territory.
For Italy that of fiscal and economic reforms is not only a necessity that can no longer be postponed, it is a great challenge and a knot to be solved for the future of the country.

Simple bureaucracy, fair taxation, incentives and aid to companies both on the national and international market, tax friendly, possibility of interacting with any bureaucratic apparatus of the State, The aim of the Commission’s proposal is to introduce clear rules and regulations with a view to modifying the guidelines and rules according to the new market situation.

These reforms must not look to the immediate, to the present, but to a future development with an inclusive and productive vision; a reform that is slow and constant over time, that completely changes the roots of the tax system. The inspiring principle is that of investment, the state that does what private enterprise alone can not do and that promotes innovation and research : if I attract business on the territory with short-term tax incentives, in the long term I will create an economic induced growth and cultural wealth. With such a structured plan foreign companies can also decide to settle in Italy.

Companies are looking for optimal conditions to be able to invest and produce; an enlightened State must also simply understand why a company moves its headquarters abroad and then try to recreate in Italy those same conditions -or even better- economic-legal that the company has found abroad.
8 August 2022
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