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Rossano Tiezzi

Rossano Tiezzi

Advepa Communication S.r.l.

Born in Arezzo and raised in a small village in the province, from an early age he frequented the family joinery where he learned the art and culture of craftsmanship. Always sales manager for various companies, he often exceeds the objectives set. The desire to improve and grow led him to the decision to open his own company. As CEO of JWR he gives his company a first marketing address, until he has the winning intuition to transform it into a company dedicated to web technology, in which he reports the passion for details.

In 2015 he became commercial director of Advepa Communication, for which he still holds this role today. With Advepa, he continues to deal with virtual environments dedicated to the marketing of their products: Insynx Virtual Fairs, Events, Showrooms and Hybrid Events. The experience gained and the propensity to see and anticipate the needs of the market have led the company to become today a leader in the world of digital communication.

22 March 2022
But is it possible that still the design of the true Made in Italy has not entered the Metaverse?

An idea is nothing without beauty

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9 February 2022
Smart Working: But is it possible that you do not understand the real potential?

Don’t miss your new date with "What the hell?"

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22 November 2021
The importance of proper data security

The importance of securing your company

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25 October 2021
The metaverse will not replace real life

The metaverse constitutes an opportunity of economic development

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27 September 2021
But is it possible that don’t you understand the importance of having young people in the company?

The problem of young people and employment

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2 August 2021
But is it possible that minor sports only acquire dignity at the Olympics?

Minor sports and the Olympic stage

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19 July 2021
But is it possible that the events in the presence pollute so much?

How pollute events in presence and the sustainability of virtual events

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10 May 2021
But is it possible that we can't cut fuel costs?

CUT FUEL COSTS - But is it possible that fuel costs cannot be reduced? It is a dilemma that I have always posed and that in this historical moment makes me reflect even more. Is it possible that, despite the economic weight that companies bear to refuel fuel, there are no economic and political conditions […]

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26 April 2021
But is it possible that the world will never be the same again?

The fact that the world will never be the same isn’t so bad

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